My #1 Tip to Being Cancer Free

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A cute little goldfish in a fish bowl wearing a shark fin to scare predators away. Editable vector illustration.

You must Believe ~ The Law of Belief!

I’ve achieved more goals in the past 5 years than the previous 20 years and this technique helped me run cancer out of my body!

Henry Ford did not come from a background of family with money and never got past the sixth grade. Just like the goldfish in the fish bowl believes with all his heart in that he is a shark, Mr. Ford simply had the belief that he could carry out his idea of producing mass production cars that would be inexpensive enough for the average person to afford. He believed this and became one of the most successful businessmen of all time.

Everybody has heard somebody say, “I will believe it when I see it—and until I see it I won’t believe it.” These types of beliefs will keep you from your success and striving toward the future. Every time I’ve had success, I truly believed that I was going to do it—and when I believed I wasn’t going to do something, I didn’t do it. I believed I was cancer free, I believed I would finish graduate school, I believed I would run 8 marathons and I believed I would write a Best Selling book.

If your belief is wanting to be cancer free, you only focus on the end-state. I hate seeing posts like cancer sucks, #uck cancer etc..that is negativity that cancer does not deserve and your body does not need.  You need every healthy cell in your body on the belief bandwagon that we are cancer free and that is all!  It’s done! You are cancer free from the first day of treatment. Now let’s get fired up and use the four steps below to get everything you want in life.

Storms are a way of life! You don’t have to outrun a storm.

Act Now!

Be properly prepared and make the storm work for you!

In high school, I had a horrible feeling that I might fail that government class my senior year and not graduate. I had self-limiting thoughts in believing that I couldn’t do something, and that’s exactly what happened. When I believe I will do something, it happens – EVERYTIME. You can do anything you want to do! If you believe this, it will become your reality.  This is the Law of Belief.

Four steps to focus and establish your law of belief

  1. Frequency:  Find a quiet place and visualize your goal and dream.  Find your stillness and focus.
  2. Duration:  Initially, you will focus for a few second bursts, with practice, you will focus longer and longer and feel the power.
  3. Clarity: Maintain clarity to include every detail ~ relax. Breathe ~ soft music time.
  4. Intensity:  Maintain your enthusiastic intensity (the 12.5 way in my book) with a calm nerve. Stay on point with the clear picture and don’t pressure yourself; your belief will come. BELIEVE!

I go into detail in my book how I used this method and many others to achieve every goal I set out to accomplish in the past 5 years since my stage III head and neck cancer diagnosis ~ I also used this it to run cancer out of my body and turn a 7cm bleeding tumor at the base of my tongue to NOTHING!

Follow these four steps and you will be on your way to establishing a strong belief and achieving all your goals, dreams and unlimited success.  I BELIEVE in you and BELIEVE in yourself!



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