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Just a quick 2 minutes video in the Stuttgart Main Train Station (Haupt Bahnhof) to talk about the Greg Cheek Speaks website and my weekly Friday give aways. If you’re a subscriber on either my website or on Youtube then that makes you a team member, and edible to win.

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The winner for Friday, 5 FEB 2017 is Kyla B! Kyla is serving in Iraq and I will be sending her journal in the morning. Not sure what I’m talking about? You can watch the Journaling video here:https://youtu.be/m4Q0uhiJzUM

Next drawing is 12 FEB for the two German Herz in the video. Again, I’ll be picking a winner from my YouTube and e-mail subscribers, so sign up today.


Recorded in Stuttgart, Germany on 7 FEB 2016.

Video Blog throwback ~ 2 Minutes to Take Charge of Your Day

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A couple of months ago I ran the New York City Marathon and spoke at the Marathon Expo. Before doing those though, I recorded this quick video on taking charge of your day. Since my last couple video blog episodes have been focusing on journaling, I thought this would be a good time to post this one.

In this video I talk about “what is your why?” or what is the reason or thing that motivates successful people? These can be a future aspiration, or a physical reminder that gets you going. For me, when I didn’t graduate from high school I kept the empty diploma case, and it was constant reminder to me of the need to strive hard and push through adversity.

In my book Three Points of Contact I refer to these things as “Bulletin Board Material” and that means you can put these things in place you’ll see them everyday and say “that’s what I’m working towards”.  It doesn’t need to literally be on a bulletin board, it can be in a journal, but the point is you see it and it motivates you to keep going, especially when things get tough.

Check out the video below for more tips on making this happen. Got a “why” that keeps you going? lets hear about it!



Video Blog 004 ~ Hunt the Good Stuff, Plus

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I’ve talked about Hunt the Good Stuff before (#htgs) but for those who are not familiar with it, it’s something I picked up while attending the US Army’s Resiliency Training at University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Center.

The concept is simple, start your day with three points of gratitude. I write these down in my journal, but have added a few more steps which is why this video is called “Hunt the Good Stuff, Plus”. The things I’ve added are something for someone else, and then something for yourself.

Something for someone else, could be anything, it could be helping something, thanking someone, paying it forward in some way, but plan to do it and make it part of your day.

Then I thank myself for something or give myself something. Writing these things down externalizes them, and making this a daily activity produces incredible results. After only a few days you’d be amazed at how this activity changes your outlook on everything.

What are my Hunt the Good Stuff, Plus points for today? Watch the video below to find out. What are yours? I’d love to hear them, feel free to write them in them comments section below.



Video Blog 003 ~ Journaling and Success

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Welcome back!

For episode 003 I go to the Stuttgart Haupt Bahnhof and to where it all started for my 25 year ago. Journaling is something I’ve done throughout my whole life, through the ups and the downs. It’s a great way of dealing with stress, it’s a means of meditation and a way to set goals for yourself. It is fundamental to the ACTION portion of my Three Points of Contact.

What do you use your journal for? Write in the comments, and you could win a journal that I’ll send to you from Germany. Stay tuned for episode 004 ~ Hunt the Good Stuff.




The Power of Journaling. Recorded at the Stuttgart Main Train Station (Haupt Bahnhof).

Book referred:
Three Points of Contact

WED, 27 JAN 2016: Greg Cheek Speaks 003, Journaling and Success, Three Points of Contact.

Thursday, 28 JAN 2016: Hunt The Good Stuff #htgs Start each day on a positive note and ready to seize the day. Three Points of Contact.

Friday, 28 JAN 2016: The Resiliency Piggy Bank. This fun activity will help you build resilience. Located in the Action section, page 19, Three Points of Contact.

Video Blog 002 ~ Is the Best Defense a Good Offense?

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Are you acting or being acted upon?

This a question and exercise is something that use in my book The Three Points of Contactand the response has been amazing. As Stephen Covey says it isn’t about the actions that happen to us, it’s our response to those actions that matter. In this episode I’ll walk you through how to think about your day and decide if you’re acting or being acted upon.

Want get something cool from me in the mail? Just subscribe to my YouTube channel and  leave a comment, this Friday 29 Jan 2016, I’ll pick a winner and send you a beautiful moleskin notebook so can take full advantage of of episode 003 ~ Journaling and Success.

Until next time,




Is the Best Defense a Good Offense? Refers to Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits and Act or Acted Upon. Recorded in Vaihingen, Germany. This video talks about an activity in the Action section on page 18, chapter 1, Three Points of Contact that allows you to keep score if the Best Defense (Act Upon) is a good offense (Act). Still one minute too long – I will work on that.

Books referred:
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

WED, 27 JAN 2016: Greg Cheek Speaks 003, Journaling and Success, Three Points of Contact.

THURS, 28 JAN 2016: Hunt The Good Stuff #htgs Start each day on a positive note and ready to seize the day. Three Points of Contact.

Video Blog 001 ~ Parts 1 & 2: Make plans to Travel Today and Auf Ghets!

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As many of you know, and as the name of my website should maybe tip you off, I’m a speaker. I’ve been teaching public speaking for years, I am an extemporaneous speaker and motivating audiences are is one of the things I do best. So this blog will be less about writing and more about speaking and what better way for me to speak with you all then with some short videos.

These video blogs will short and lo-tech. No fancy editing or effects, just me, my phone and a selfie-stick. I’ve got so many great things I want to talk with you about, so this first chapter is a bit long, sorry about that! As I get into my groove these will be a bit shorter.

So here they are, Video Blog 001 ~ Parts 1 & 2 on travel and auf ghets. What is auf ghets you ask? check out the video below to find out 😉

If you like what you see, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Got something you want to hear? let me know!




Auf Ghets, Three Points of Contact. Recorded at Köz Restaurant in Sindelfingen, Germany. This video talk about the Power of Auf Ghets and how it correlates to the push to success by Jack Ma, George Lucas, Stephen Spielberg, Jeff Bazos, Steve Jobs, Cam Newton, Julian Edelman, Dr Ben Carson, Dean Karnzaes, Stephen Covey, and Victor Frankl.
Part 2, Chapter 9, page 149.

Books referred:
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
Defiant by Alvin Towny
50/50 by Dean Karnazes/Matt Fitzgerald
Gifted Hands by Dr Ben Carson
Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl

Filming location: Köz Türkisches Restaurant, Grabenstraße 2, 71063 Sindelfingen

Translation/Definition: Auf Ghets: Let’s GO!

Next Video, Tuesday, 26 JAN 2016: Greg Cheek Speaks 002, Act or Acted Upon, Page 14, Three Points of Contact. 26 JAN 2016

Steve Jobs Famous Connect the Dots Speech at Stanford: https://youtu.be/yFltqHCTTVo
Cam Newton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqKoZ…
Julian Edelman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAzvz…

A special thanks to the University of Kansas Hospital

At my last routine check up at the University of Kansas Hospital I took a few minutes to answer some questions about KU and some of the themes from my book.

I can’t say enough good things about the KU team, their work has been exceptional and they have truly become another family to me.

Special thanks to the KU Broadcast Studio for putting together such a great video!

Check out the video, and hope you enjoy!


The Power of Silence & US Speaking Tour Wrap Up

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Just got back from a number of speaking engagements across the US, which included the NYC Marathon Expo, the United States Military Academy at West Point, and the NCO Basic Leadership Course at Fort Carson, to name a few.

I was approached by an amazing lady after I spoke at the New York City Marathon and she told me my book, “Three Points of Contact has saved her life” she asked if I would tell some short stories on some background information I presented in my book. This is the first short video and I will try to keep these around two minutes. This first video is from the chapter on Visualization and the Power of Stillness and Silence. This can be found in my book on pages 70-77.




Master Resiliency Training and Armed Forces Network

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A couple of weeks ago I had the honor of being interviewed on AFN (Armed Forces Network) here in Stuttgart, Germany. It was a great opportunity to talk about my experience with cancer and how Master Resiliency Training prepared me for the rough patches along the way.

Check out the video below, and let me know what you think!


A special thanks to SSG Jelle, SGT Calhoun, Douglas Smith, Stefanie Pidgeon and the rest of the AFN Stuttgart team for making this happen and for putting together such a great video.



Change You Life with Silence NOW!

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Just finished my two-week speaking tour across the US! I had the opportunity and privilege to meet so many people amazing people along the way. Check out the video below to hear more about it, (shot while on the Seattle Great Wheel).


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