Want Greg to Speak?

Greg’s high energy has delighted audiences across the US and in over 20 countries. Here’s some of what he brings to the table:

  • Stage III Cancer Survivor

  • Combat veteran with over 20 years of active-duty military service

  • 16 years of healthcare administration

  • 23 years of teaching- over 130 classes in communication

  • Best-selling author

  • Resiliency Expert- Certified in Master Resiliency Training from University of Pennsylvania

These are some of Greg’s credentials, but really,
why book Greg?
Because he INSPIRES. 

Because he MOTIVATES.

Every speech, seminar or workshop is unique, so get in touch to find out what Greg can do for you…

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Need some help deciding? Here are a few topics that Greg has brought to audiences around the world:

  1. Healthcare and Continuing Medical Education (CME)
    • Patient-Centered Healthcare Communication
    • Building the Patient and Provider Relationship
    • Overcoming Adversity
    • Cancer treatment and recovery
  2. Education
    • Teacher-Student Communication
    • Community College
    • Opportunities
    • Reaching Your Goals
  3. Military
    • Junior Officer Leadership Course
    • NCO Leadership Course
    • Flag and General Officer Engagment
  4. Overcoming Adversity
    • Master Resiliency Course
    • Cancer
    • Health Problems
    • Optimism in Daily Life
  5. Customer Communication
    • How to deliver stellar customer service
    • How to set yourself apart from the competition
    • Customer engagement
  6. Sports
    • Achieving Peak Performance
    • Leadership On and Off the Field
  7. My Book: Three Points of Contact
    • Optimism
    • Visualization
    • Action
    • How to incorporate the Three Points of Contact into your life, work and/or organization