“You do not have to have cancer to benefit from Greg Cheek’s book on approaching life!  A leader, former Army officer, MacArthur award recipient, Greg shares an incredible personal journey of recovery and success that model behaviors to survive a crisis and live a happier life.”

The Honorable James B. Peake, M.D.
6th United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs
The 40th US Army Surgeon General
Lieutenant General, USA (Ret)
Senior Vice President, CGI Federal

“Greg’s inspiring story shows us that happiness is our choice. Rather than let his circumstance keep him down, Greg persevered through what could have easily been seen, at the time, as an insurmountable obstacle. His book Three Points of Contact: 12.5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Life and Weather Any Storm, will give you the guidance to live a more abundant and fulfilling life.”

Diane Gottsman
National Etiquette Expert, author and founder of the Protocol School of Texas


Diane Gottsman


“This book will inspire you to visualize the life you want for yourself AND gives you the strategies to make it happen.”

Karen Reivich, Ph.D.
University of Pennsylvania,
Author of The Resilience Factor

“I read Three Points of Contact twice in the last two months.  Greg’s story provided me with great perspective as I was in the hospital recovering from open-heart surgery.  A few un-anesthetized weeks later, I enjoyed the tangible tools as I planned my next year (and years!).”

Adam Ehlert
Kansas City T-Bones Baseball Club

Adam Ehlert Kansas City T-Bones


“Greg’s story inspires us to exercise and gain better control of our lives.”

Jeff Galloway
Olympian, best selling author and “America’s running coach”

“Gregory Cheek is one of those rare individuals who always gets up after being knocked down. Military veteran, marathoner, college professor, cancer survivor. In Three Points of Contact: 12.5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Life and Weather Any Storm, he examines what it takes to overcome adversity and build a life of purpose and gratitude. In the classroom, he’s forever changed the lives of students; with his book he may change yours, too.”

Deborah Brown-DiThomas
Barstow College

Dr. DiThomas


“Have you ever met someone and known for a fact that God Himself put this person in your life to teach you something? To make you stronger? To make you grow? Greg Cheek embodies everything good about humanity. I refer to him as “The Gentle Giant”.
No matter what you are facing or have faced in life, there is hope. Greg had deepened my belief in hope and trust. No excuses and no doubt.
I am honored to be a part of his world. His dedication to his practice and battling cancer have been instrumental in our growing friendship. Greg, I thank you for your courage and your example. This book has changed the way I love. Life is precious and deserves to be cherished. You taught me that. Thank you for telling your story and sharing this journey with us. Whoever is blessed to read your words will know that they have been in the company of greatness.”

David B. Whitley
Singer, Songwriter

David Whitley

Greg Cheek with Dr. Shnayder

“Greg has been cancer-free for almost 5 years now, and he never misses his follow-up visits. He is one of the most positive people I have ever met, and he says dealing with cancer made him reassess his priorities, spend more time with family, be thankful for every new day and live his life to the fullest. I enjoy hearing about his travels and seeing his pictures running countless marathons. Greg Cheek always carries good word about University of Kansas Medical Center wherever he goes, and many of my patients benefited from talking to him and hearing his story. I hope all our future medical visits will be nothing but check-ups and conversations about weather and family, not about cancer! I hope readers of Three Points of Contact will get to know Greg Cheek better and be inspired by his resilience…”

Lisa Shnayder
MD Associate Professor,
Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery
University of Kansas School of Medicine

“Greg Cheek is full of encouragement and enthusiasm for life. He is a wonderful example of maintaining a positive attitude in any circumstance, and persevering through hardship. His words will motivate and inspire you.”

Chris Johnson
Head Coach, Women’s Volleyball
Seattle Pacific University

Angela Moulin

“Greg is a true inspiration of following your truth using Hatha yoga Asansas, an Un Orthodox method of healing. I witnessed him re-energizing his entire body and mind through Yoga Asana. Once that yoga light enters, negativity cannot stay. He reclaimed his strength, courage, patiences and belief that won his fight against cancer. I was very blessed the day Greg walked through my doors at Bikram Yoga Kansas City”

Angela Sinclair Moulin
Bikram Yoga Kansas City 

“We call Greg ‘The Beast’, because he exudes strength, dedication and mad love for life. This man is high on life, even on bad days Greg always has a smile on his face. One of our very first students at our now 2 year old Yoga Studio, he has grown with the studio and his practice of Yoga. He is an inspiration for so many of our students and teachers who know his story. He shows us the perfect example of “Life is Beautiful” when you make the choice of practicing self compassion each day to honor your body.

Özlem Yildrim
Stuttgart Bikram Hot Yoga


Angela Phillips

“When I met Greg, it was half way around the world in Stuttgart Germany but the journey didn’t truly begin until I got to know him and his story. His spirit and light are infectious and must be experienced! His passion, positivity and energy, exemplifies true inner strength that is balanced with flexibility and fluidity for any challenge life may bring. These qualities were only enriched through his Bikram Yoga practice and in service to others. I’m excited the rest of the world will finally share in HIS magic!”

Angela Phillips
Associate Aerial Designer-
Disney’s Tarzan-the Musical 

Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher-
New York City