Power of Time, Regret, and Gratitude

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A couple of weeks ago I was at Fort Stewart, Georgia when HURRICANE MATTHEW rolled through. As you might imagine, the weather was terrible, high winds, heavy rain and flooding but we certainly didn’t get the worst of it.

In our relative safety I took a few minutes to record this video, because it’s in events like these that jostle us from the monotony and routine of everyday life, and make us think about what’s really important, where we’re going, and how we use the time we have.

Really, this is a video about time. Tomorrow is no guarantee, so how are you using your time? What are you doing with the opportunities that have within your reach? If you’re not careful those missed opportunities, and wasted time can stack up into a big pile of regret, and there is nothing worse than regret.

I also talk about gratitude, which at the end of the day is appreciating how other people spend their time, and being thankful.

As you will see, it was raining quite hard and was very windy in the video, but life is full of storms. It’s how we weather those storm that defines us.


This video is dedicated to all service members past, present and in the future.

Ray Lewis video to the Stanford University basketball team can be found at:




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