Greg Cheek Speaks 005 ~ Kimchi, Nori and Drawing #002

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People are always asking what I do to control my weight, my cholesterol, blood pressure, stress. Running is great, and fitness certainly helps but in this episode I share a little secret about the amazing foods that help me stay in great health.

I also announce the winner for my Give Away Day, as well as a few other people who have been going above and beyond in their sharing of my videos.





Healthy eating with Kimchi and Nori. Also mentioned the victory by Amy Hastings(Cragg) at the 2016 US Marathoning Olympic Trials.

Recorded live in Stuttgart, Germany.

Drawing #002 and the winners are:
German Hearts from Fasching made of Gingerbread: Deena R.

Signed book and journal: Betty L and Susan S

Book referred:
Three Points of Contact

My favorite Kimchi Dish: Kimchi Fried Rice

kimbap: 김밥 (Korean Sushi – Amazing)

Seattle Korean Favorites

Asian Market and outside the gate of McChord AFB – Amazing and Diner in the back.…

Pal-Do Market……


– The Relentless Piggy Bank. A great way to add resilience and fun to dealing with a difficult person or situation. This activity can be found on page 19, chapter 1, Three Points of Contact.